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Holy Child Primary School, Derry

Recycling campaign

27th Nov 2018

On Friday November 9th the Eco Warriors carried out an audit of the rubbish in our school bins. They found out the following:

  • There was a total of 9.6 kg of rubbish
  • 7 ½ kg of rubbish was recyclable
  • 2 kg of rubbish was food waste
  • 0.1 kg of rubbish was for landfill


All 9.6 kg of rubbish was sent to landfill.

This is bad for the environment and costs the school money. It costs £16 for a rubbish bin to be emptied and taken to landfill. We fill two of these each week! This costs the school around £128 per month and more than £1200 over the school year. It is free to have our blue wheelie bins emptied. 

The Eco Warriors want to make a change.      

From Monday 19th November

The large class bin will become the recycling bin. Only recyclable rubbish will be put in this bin in future. Eco Warriors and Wee Warriors will monitor this.

The small blue recycling bin will become the general rubbish bin. Only rubbish that cannot be recycled should go in this bin. We are hoping to get brown bins for each classroom or corridor so we can begin a compost heap. More news on this to follow. For now, fruit waste will go in the small blue bin.

Our building supervisor will inform the cleaning staff who will keep the rubbish separate from Monday and put it into the correct bins. 

The Eco Warriors will carry out a further audit of the rubbish near Christmas.