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Holy Child Primary School, Derry

Notices for the week beginning Monday May 21st 2018

20th May 2018

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR P7 CHILDREN WHO WERE CONFIRMED EARLIER TODAY. By now you will be out having a lovely time with your families and rightly so! We will see you all tomorrow morning at 10am in your confirmation outfits. Please be in by 10 as the newspapers will be calling in to take your photographs.

We would like the children to wear their confirmation outfits in again on Wednesday morning when our official photographer will create a scroll of the whole class. Following this they will change into their uniforms for their graduation photograph to be taken.


Club News

No more choir practice this year following their wonderful performances at the sacraments, therefore no clubs  taking place on Mondays

Tuesday            Swimming

Wednesday       Drama and Tin Whistle

Thursday          Circus Skills

Please note all clubs will complete at the end of May/beginning of June.



This June marks the end of the current 3 year School Development Plan and in the Autumn of 2018, a new one will be launched. As part of this process, the school gathers feedback from both children and parents to help us find out what aspects of school life are going well and what we still need to work on. We would really appreciate having feedback from every parent. So far the questionnaires have gone out to all P7,6,5 and 4 children with a great return rate. We are still waiting on a few more to come in from these classes.

This coming week we will send them out to P1,2 and 3. The intention is to have only one returned per family. Should you have children in classes up the school, you will not receive another one from your younger children. Many thanks for your support in this work.

Nursery News

This will be a very busy week for our Nursery children. On Tuesday May 22nd, there will a showcase by all our Nursery Children of activities they have been enjoying with Ebrington Nursery over the past 8 weeks. This will take place in the Waterside Theatre from approximately 9.30 to 11.30am. Parents are more that welcome to go to the event should they wish. Then, on Wednesday 23rd , each child in our Unit will have their graduation photograph taken so full attendance would be appreciated.

Finally on Friday morning, there will be a coffee morning in the Nursery unit and grounds. This will take place to help raise funds and say a big thank you to our friends in the Mens' Shed who have helped us transform our grounds in recent weeks. I'm everyone in the community is delighted to see Holy Child PS looking so well. We invite all our Nursery parents to come along and buy tea and cakes in the Nursery from 9.30 to 11.00  and enjoy playing with their child in our playground. We will also be selling cakes to the children in the school during the morning too.  

Important Dates

Please note that the children from Nursery to P7 will be off school on Monday May 28th and Tuesday May 29th. They will return to school on Wednesday May 30th.

Also note that Friday June 15th will be a half day for all our children from Nursery to P6 to facilitate our P7 Graduation Ceremony.

That's it for this week.......

Miss Orla Mc Donnell